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Return Policy

After consumers shop in our mall, we will arrange for you to send it to the warehouse as soon as possible.

application time

Please contact us as soon as possible after receiving the product (send us a message in the personal information message / contact the customer service email). The buyer needs to apply within 7 days from the date of confirmation of the signed product.

Rights protection

● Tryfashionmall only provides the service of [return and no exchange]: the same order is limited to apply for a return, the store only returns and does not exchange, the product is signed and counted as a seven-day appreciation period (including six days and holidays).

● Please keep the outer packaging of the goods, to ensure that the goods are intact and will not affect the secondary sales.

● Please take pictures in time and keep the logistics face sheet.

● If you don’t like or are dissatisfied with our goods or services, you can return the goods without reason

● Be sure to check to see if there is a problem before receiving the goods. Any incomplete products that have been launched or used, modified (including shearing), and cannot be returned.

● The original packaging of the returned product must be kept intact and not damaged. If the returned product is missing due to the lack of complete packaging, the subsequent costs must be borne by yourself. The store only handles the refund in accordance with the returned product; if there is a gift, it must be packaged together with the product Return it, please use another bag outside the transparent bag to prevent the goods from being damaged. Glasses, shoe boxes and other outer packaging: Do not disassemble concave folds, sticky tape, consignment note or writing.

● A single order can only be returned and exchanged once. Products that need to be returned must be returned at once.

● If the product is returned frequently (the store will judge it by itself), the unpacked personal clothing is returned multiple times, and the return packaging is incomplete, it will be included in the store blacklist, and the store has the right to stop serving you.

Return instructions:

● Please contact the customer service of the store through the website message/order message/email: the store is only open for online return, the buyer who needs to process the single return will be opened by the store staff for you, and you can check whether you need to deduct the activity after the single return difference.

● You need to pay a handling fee of NT$120 when picking up the product.

● Please keep the original packaged goods intact when returning.

►Notice for return ◄

● Slight off-line, hook, thread and button are not tightly sewn. If the button hole is not cut, please trim and cut it by yourself.

● After you receive the product, you have been given the opportunity to check the product, more than seven days of appreciation period, used or used, stained with makeup or clothing with any taste (perfume, body milk, smoke... etc.), modification (Including cut standard) and other incomplete products can not accept returns.

● Please pack the returned product properly with the packaging used by the manufacturer. If the original packaging has been lost, please use other packaging to cover the original packaging of the product.

● All returns in the store are always requested by the Black Cat House to be picked up at the house, and there is no service to return the goods to the merchant.

● The returned amount will always be the subtotal amount after the product is discounted. Once returned, regardless of the reason for the return, the portion where the discount coupon is used will not be returned.

● Based on the protection of personal hygiene, masks, underwear, panties, socks (pantyhose) and merchandise pages have products that specifically cannot be returned. Once sold, they are deemed to be confirmed as purchases, and no return or exchange will be provided regardless of whether they are unsealed or used. service.